Our recipe is brought to you by our master brewer's family in Hong Kong which has been passed down by her grandparents. The 3-generation old recipe consists of a blend of a special tea that gives the Kombucha that subtle honey-like flavour. It also creates a fine balance of sweetness and mouth-watering tartness. 

But we didn't want to stop there... All our teas are brewed with high-quality water from the North of England and fermented with fresh local produce. Life Kombucha is not only celebrating our Asian heritage, but it is full of northern soul!


Brewing Kombucha in small batches is the most traditional method of production.

We brew our Kombucha with heart. We follow a strict tea brewing principle and our teas are never diluted. We then add the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) into the sweetened tea. The SCOBY is the soul of Kombucha. It holds all of the essential healthy bacteria which in turn aids the fermentation process which gives Kombucha its unique taste.

We really care about our SCOBY and we pay extra attention to monitor its growth and health. We monitor our SCOBY's performance closely and make sure your Kombucha tastes fresh and naturally fizzy.

And finally, the brewing jars Life Kombucha is fermented in are sanitised thoroughly before every brew, ensuring a perfect batch every time.


Our tea leaves are sourced from a well-established family farm overseas. We have bypassed the need to go through a tedious chain of third party sellers and agencies, and instead are able to pay the family fairly and ethically for their hard work.

We chose to work with them based on their life long devotion towards tea farming. From hand-picking the highest quality tea leaves, to their intensive sun-drying (曬茶) and semi-ferment (半發酵) process used to create our special tea blend . They handle every process with utmost care, just like us.